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Season: Autumn

Date of alignment: 4th February

Marking: The first cut of the harvest

Local Time: 7:45am

Dawn: 5:58-6:24am

Dusk: 7:49-8:14pm

While many of us still see this time of year as summer with its long hot days and extended holidays which we remember from our school days. Our planet is not as black and white as that, and the moment of seasonal change takes a little longer than we often wish to allow. We are now entering the first stage of Autumn. Although Summer’s end will not occur for about another 3 months. This is the moment traditionally marked as the first cut of the harvest. A gentle reminder to start now so that you have time to finish your harvest before the winter sets in. It is a time of abundance. Although this is the opposite side of the cycle to the abundance of new life in the spring. We are not yet ready to celebrate the harvest, we know there is still much to do before we can enjoy the fruits of our labours, but experience and our planet tell us that if we start now, we will have much to enjoy later.

Please note: all times and dates are calculated to local time for Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.