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Ogham name: Duir

Full moon:  25th June

Planetary ruler: Jupiter

Deity: Dagda

Druidic animal: Wren

The Oak was the sacred tree of the Druids, symbolising truth and steadfast knowledge. Doors made of Oak were thought to keep out evil.

From the tiny acorn, the mighty oak doth grow. The name of this tree derives from it's Anglo-Saxon name, ac. It is strongly linked to Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, and Jumala to name but a few, and is said to be the tree in Windsor great park that Richard Herne (or Horn), the royal huntsman, hung himself from after losing his hunting ability giving rise to the modern tale of Herne the Hunter. It is said that Druids will not meet for ritual in a place where no oak is present, and that witches would meet to dance 'tween the branches and roots of the oak. The oak is a symbol of steadfast strength. In many pagan circles it is understood that the Oak energy presides over the light half of the year, while the Holly energy rules over the dark time. Often the tale of the Oak and Holly kings is told at both Yule and Coamhain, with the victor being the king whose energy is about to rule the next 6 months. This same Oak energy is personified as Sir Gawain in the Arthurian legend of Sir Gawain and the green knight, the Holly energy being the Green knight. The oak door is known to keep realm dwellers within, or without depending on your viewpoint.