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In many cultures it is said that there is a binding force, a thread which ties together the people who are destined to meet. A thread that cannot be untied, cut or destroyed. Whether it is red, white or shimmers with iridescent colours, visible or invisible, these are the threads of the web of Wyrd. They make up the pattern of life.

Wyrd web circles are social gatherings held to give the people who are supposed to meet a chance to do so. They are held on the closest Sunday to the dark moon. A time when traditionally the witches intuition is at its strongest. In traditional craft we do not separate male and female practice but appreciate the balance of nature. Therefore men, women and children are welcome to join us (although children remain the responsibility of their parents). This event is not a moot or a ritual, but something in between. If you are interested, curious, uncertain, or certain in your own path and beliefs this is the best place to be on a Sunday night when the moon is dark.

Held on the Sunday closest to the Dark moon. Please check here for dates.

At The Alder Grove in the Glen, 9921 New England Highway, Glen Innes, 2370, NSW.

During these events we hope to be able to work together with you and the energies you bring into the circle to create a chance for all of us to better understand ourselves, our shadow selves, so that we may be more accepting of them, and therefore more in control of the life choices we make.

All materials are provided.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact us for more information at thealdergrovecoven@gmail.com