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There are 4 elements which make up the world we live in. They also govern the energies we use in our craft. By learning to work with each of these elements we can strengthen our abilities within our craft as well as within our lives. Many of us find we have a natural connection with one of the elements. This makes it easier for us to connect with it, but often means we over look the things that are lacking in our lives. These classes are a chance to find out not only which element you connect with naturally but also to connect with some of the others.

We focus on one of the elements during each class. Allowing time to get to know the element, the elemental, the energy it brings, and the effect it has on you as an individual. Before finding out how strengthening your connection to it can help you in your everyday life.

We charge $20.00 for each of these workshops. Booking in advance is essential as places are limited.

each class is approximately 2 hours long.

Please check our calendar of events here to find out when these classes is running.

These classes are held at The Alder Grove in the Glen, 9921 New England Highway, Glen Innes, 2370, NSW. If this sounds like something you would be interested in email us to book a place now.