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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

As we encourage folks to travel into the Astral realm we learn several things, about each other, ourselves, and the web itself. Firstly although you may be sitting close enough to someone else to touch them in this realm once you find yourself on your path you will be alone. The path the person next to you takes will also be their own. You will go to different places, see different things, meet different beings, but you will still be in the astral realm. The Astral plane is still connected to this realm. Although most of the beings of the other realms need encouragement to venture all the way back to ours, remnants of their existence are still here. When I arrived here in Townsville one of the first things I did was to cast a circle and to invite my other realm beings to join me with its boundary. There are a few things I remember about the day itself, but the one that sticks most prevalently in my mind at the moment is the fact that I could feel a large dragon north east of the circle. I have recently discovered as a result of talking to an aboriginal friend that “The dragon is over there” He told me that she sleeps there, almost directly opposite the three sisters who would be at the south west, roughly where the gateway is. I would have to say that this dragon is not asleep, she is definitely keeping an eye on what is going on, but it is interesting to hear that even this far from the home of the tales and legends I was brought up with, the beings of the other realm are well known to exist. Indeed the three sisters standing at the gates of death also makes a lot of sense in our tradition, being as they would seem to connect strongly to the fates, or the Norns, or the weavers of the web, however you best know them. Nine thousand five hundred miles may sound like a lot, but in relation to the astral plane we are as close to each other as the two folks sitting next to each other about to take their paths. So we accept that the Astral realm is far bigger than we can comprehend. More recently the term used to describe it in popular culture and esoteric circles alike is “The Multiverse”.  We also learn that time is not linear. Very often we meet or come across things from our past, or from the past long before our life time began. We also meet and come across things we have yet to know in this lifetime, and then there are the things we notice that look a little like they belong on a science fiction film set. These are not things and beings from lives we have yet to live, but from past lives that happened to fall in the future of the life we are living now. Which brings us neatly back to the web and the threads of life. Imagine that your life is a piece of string. That all your past lives and future lives are also pieces of string, and that all these pieces of string are joined together. Now whether you are the sort of person who carefully rolls their string of lives around a tube going from top to bottom and back until they reach the end of string, or the sort of person who scoops all the string up together and stuffs it into a draw to tie itself in knots, one thing has happened. Your string of lives is no longer in the same order they were to begin with. They cross over and brush up against each other. If you have ever had a feeling of deja vu, this is why. You have been here before, you have literally seen it before, albeit from a different perspective. That being said, anybody who knows me will have heard my rant about how your future is not set in stone. It is not preordained. It is for you to live. This may sound like a complete contradiction. However, The choices you make in this life time are yours to make. Wyrd lasts only for an instant. It ebbs and flows like the water of the planet. The sea is this planet's largest living organism, yet it is ever changing, and its fluid movement means that it is never the same twice. The threads of Wyrd are woven into the web of your life with as much ebb and flow as the sea. They do not follow a set pattern but are woven in the moment that you make your choice. Our ancestors believed that the water was another gateway. A way of connecting to the dead. This is why items such as swords and jewellery were of the thrown into rivers. It is a way of giving them back. In fact rivers seas and water often come up as a gateway, or a window between realms. There are said to be four rivers of Hades in the Ancient Greek underworld which would reach out in all directions. These are the rivers that the souls of the dead would be carried along once they had departed from the body. The surface of water is known to offer a chance to reflect on life.

Written by Storm Black 2017.