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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

This season I have decided to look at something new, it being spring and all. It is in fact something very old, as many things are on this path. This therefore is the first in a short series of articles and focuses on the importance of Deity work within our tradition. After meeting many folk who follow different branches of a similar path, I am aware that this is something which is often overlooked by solitary practitioners and covens alike. So where to start.

In our teachings one of the first things we do is to make sure folk are acquainted with their deities. This does not mean that we claim to work with Goddess X and God Y and that all who follow us must do the same. This does not mean that we declare that we follow 'The' triple Goddess and spend all of our time worshipping 'The' triple Goddess we believe in to the detriment of any Masculine energy that may be willing to work with us. While it may be true that all deities will eventually lead back to a single source. Be that a huge ball of energy, a red haired kid with glasses who watches over their science project awaiting it's outcome, or any other alternative you may personally believe in, the point is that there are a pantheon of deities, both masculine and feminine for us to make contact with. Yet many folk never bother to do so. Our Gods are not exempt from the threads of the Wyrd web. There are countless tales and legends about them that confirm this. Even the sisters who weave the web are not exempt from its bonds. For it encompasses all realms and the energy of it's threads are woven into all things. To make contact with a deity all one has to do is to ask. Who you ask to make contact with however might be a little more difficult to work out. Within our classes we take folk on a guided journey, which allows them to walk the threads of the web and make contact with their own deities, those who have chosen to come forward to work with them. Some folk find they meet the deities they expect to meet, others find they meet someone who they had not considered having any connection with until that moment. We even have folk who connect with a deity they have never heard of, and have to spend time researching until they work our who it is that came forward to work with them. By introducing folk to their own deities in this way we are also assisting a relationship to form between the individual and their God and Goddess. For they do not expect to be worshipped by us. They do not expect to have to answer prayers as if granting wishes like a fairy Godmother. Their lives are much like ours, full of trials and tribulations, some are better at certain things than others, some appear physically beautiful and full of the folly of youth, others older and wiser, some watch over the battle field others watch over the hearth. The reason that we believe in this pantheon of deities is that as human beings each of us is different. We each have an individual way of seeing things, an alternative outlook to the next person. The Goddess and God who comes forward to work with you, are the ones who you can most easily connect with. Even if it doesn't seem like that at the time. It will be their energy that has been watching over you throughout all of your life times, waiting for you to connect with them again in each one of your lives. It is their energy and influence that you bring with you into your magic. If you do not know who your goddess is, if you do not accept that your God exists, then how can you learn how to work with their energies. It may be enough for you or your coven to randomly worship Goddess X and/or God Y, or to attempt to work with random energy during different lunar phases while claiming it to be 'The' Maiden, 'The' Mother or 'The' Crone with whom you are working. However is it not the aim of the Witch to learn all that there is? To discover which deity enhances your magic and with what type of energy. Is it not the case that all within this world of ours must be equal in the duality of it's existence. Is it not also the case that many of us when commencing our path on the web look up to our deities in their parental aspect. Then as we grow we learn to work with them as beings in their own rite. Just as we do with our parents or guardians in this realm as we grow up physically. Once we have reached our adulthood we begin to treat our parents differently. We know that they have lives of their own. We understand how to have a laugh and a joke with them, we know how to ask them to help us achieve our own potential. We do not worship them, we do not need to, and they do not expect us to. This is the relationship we aim to build up with our deities as practising witches.

Written by Storm Black 2017.