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Many people find the tarot deck daunting. With its full 78 cards (and 78 meanings) it's rigid layouts and reading methods, it's superstitions and it's widely published books on what the meaning of each card is.

If you have tried reading tarot with little success, have dabbled in buying a deck or been given one that you haven't connected with, have started learning using the card a day philosophy and given up because they just don't make sense, or are a complete beginner who is curious to know more, this is the workshop for you.

For just $90 you can spend the day with Storm discovering how to understand the major arcana, read the minor arcana, choose the deck that suits you and successfully read your own tarot spreads.

Please note, this workshop requires a minimum of three people to run. All materials provided. If you have a deck of cards that you wish to use, or that you wish to re home, bring it along.

Please see our diary of events for the next date of this workshop. Email us if you have any questions or to book your place.