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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

For some contentment is the aim in life. To find or create a state of happiness with their lot. A feeling of fulfilment. For me there will always be more. Yet we are not so different. It is true that there is more to every individual than a single thread of life but my life, as yours, began as a single thread. Measured and cut to length by whichever fates you may believe in, before the influences and energies of the things and people that went into my make up interwove with that thread, until they created the me that I am today. The same happened to your thread. This is why we look like our parents and siblings, why we pick up their distinguishing traits so readily. Why we blame or thank the surroundings that we had during our upbringing for making us the person we become in our adulthood. So why am I discontent to seek contentment in my life? In truth I am content in my life; I learned to walk, talk, feed myself, read and write. I am sure in my beliefs and have been given proof of my own capabilities when I have needed it. I enjoy practising a wondrous craft, which I am now able to teach to others. I have the amazing opportunity to help people by using the skills I have learned over the years. I have been lucky enough to travel around most of the UK and much of Europe, before immigrating to Australia to settle down with a husband whom I love and who loves me very much. I have met some wonderful beings, and even ventured into other realms. I am alive, something which I consider myself extremely lucky to be, as many people never have the chance to live as long as I already have. I have started a coven, which has grown into a business. I write articles and am currently in print in two magazines. I have achieved so much so far that I have every reason to be content in my life. Yet still I know that there is more. To me contentment is a utopian goal. It works only when everything in the rest of the world is perfect. When we have nothing left to achieve, nothing can be improved, there is nothing left to learn and everyone else feels the same. When everyone is healthy, and there are no more competitions, arguments or wars. It is as interesting to hear people talk about world peace. For those who claim to want it, also want freedom of speech, thought and expression. And the two can never go hand in hand, because the capacity for misunderstanding is far too great. Contentment is, by it's own definition, our way of giving up, of telling ourselves no matter how gently, that this is it. This is all we can achieve, this is all we want, this is all we need. If that is truly the case then what purpose is there left to life? Indeed many of our greatest achievements as human beings have sprung from discontent. Had Emmeline been content to let her husband Richard Pankhurst make every decision that would govern her life then fifty one percent of the population would probably still not be allowed to vote, and a great percentage of the readership of this magazine would be second class citizens. For the minority readership excluded from that last point; had Odin been content with the knowledge he already had he would neither have sacrificed an eye in exchange for the wisdom of the ages, nor would he have spent nine days hanging from Yggdrasill  the world tree to bring us the secrets of the runes. These type of sacrifices as a result of discontent have been happening around us for centuries. We all make them in our lives too albeit on a smaller scale. This can be seen in the web of your life. One of the things we witches do is to witness the threads of your life being woven. This is not to say that we will tell you your future, but we can see which threads are being woven into your life and which are not.

Consequentially I can tell what is likely to happen as a result of the choices you make. The spells we cast have the ability to bend the threads of life into a different pattern too. We do this when we are asked to help someone achieve their desired goal. If you have tried cosmic ordering or praying to the deity of parking spaces, traffic lights, or even to the “Oh God of Hangovers” then you have been discontent, for you have used a form of magic to alter your own web of life.

Written by Storm Black 2017.