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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

We are a funny old lot, we humans. We understand that the world has been in existence for a phenomenal number of years. approximately 4.543 billion to be as exact as I can. We know that dinosaurs lived here for about 165 million years. We understand that although some of our earliest ancestors may have been living here 6 million years ago, human beings evolved 200,000 years ago but the human race as we know it has existed for a mere 6000 years. We are developed enough to have discovered all of this, and with the invention of modern technology all of this information and more is available at our finger tips. With all this talk about millions and billions of years, our quest for longevity is almost understandable. There are many tales and legends of folk who have quested in search of the source of both eternal life and eternal youth, but do we really want to live forever? To be forever young? After all, does one not contradict the other? Neither of them it seems, lead to ultimate happiness. Some folk will remain forever young. They are those who achieved fame early, but sadly or for whatever reasons, died before anyone could see them grow old. Personally I conclude that eternal youth is not for me. So eternal life. The main problem with eternal life is that the body we are born into is only designed to last for a relatively short number of years, and nowhere is there any suggestion that any physical form can sustain an eternity. That being the case, if we did suddenly find a magic potion that would lengthen our life innumerably imagine how old and tired you would feel at the age of 500 for example. On consideration I feel eternal life is not for me either.

Witches do believe in reincarnation. We believe that we all live many lives, Some longer, some shorter than the one we are living at the moment. Since our main goal in life is to acquire wisdom, we come into each of these lives to learn something. Often something about the person we are in our current life. It may take us only a short time to learn this. It may take us many years. We may even be lucky enough to to remain in the same life for more than one learning experience, as is the case with folk who have been resuscitated after an illness or accident. This goes some way to explain the different outlook of the person once they have recovered. Witches also know that time is not linear, it does not move in a straight line. We are born into a life in one time. Our next life may be years, centuries, millennia even, before or after our first life. Our third life could be somewhere in between these lives, or equidistant, in the same or opposite direction of either of our preceding lives. It is also possible that some of these lives cross paths. The Wyrd web is woven in beautiful but mysterious patterns after all. This belief gives us a better understanding of not only past life memories but of 'déjà vu' which literally translates to 'before seen' and is a result of another life’s  memory of something that we are about to experience in our current life. At the end of our lives we enter into a period of rest. We give all of the information that we have learned, all that we have experienced, to the deities who chose to work with us in this life. After which we will be born into our next life to start the process all over again.

Before all of that happens however we will make the most of the life we have now. We will do more of the things we enjoy and less of the things we don't. We know this is not always easy, especially when you have to hold down a full time job. However if you spend a while either before or after work each day, or even both, doing something you do enjoy. You suddenly find you have a weeks worth of happy memories. Writing them all down so you can remember them, allows you to be able to look back on what a wonderful year you had, rather than feeling like another year has passed you by and you should make another resolution but you've already broken it. This is a self fulfilling prophecy which must be broken in order to enjoy the life you have. There are moments in all of our lives. Markers that we use to prove to ourselves how long or short life is, but it is your choice whether you focus on how long and happy your life is, or how short and dull. It is true that in the grand scheme of things life is short, and perhaps I should have started by saying we are a funny young lot, we humans.

What many of us fail to take into consideration while focusing on all these millions and billions of years in comparison with our own life span, is that the average estimated life span of a random dinosaur is between 28 and 100 years. Life is short, but all life is short, and compared to the Mayfly neither we nor the 28 year old dinosaurs are doing to badly.

Written by Storm Black 2016.