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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

I can remember when I was a child playing for hours in the sea. I couldn't swim, and a pair of goggles was required, but once I could see beneath the waves, I was amazed by the different sensation of life under the water. Watching the movement of the plants and creatures. Feeling closed off from almost everything that was external, yet never alone. A sort of internally warm solitude. The emotional charge of the water as it ebbed and flowed around me. It was easy to slip into another world, even though I was not that far from the shore. Closing off your ability to hear anything other than the rush of water, and relying solely on your other senses and the fact that humans float, may be uncomfortable for some, it may even produce a phobic reaction, but I found it wonderful. Truly like slipping into another realm. Of course I wouldn't recommend venturing too far into the beautiful sea off most of the coast of Australia. I hear there are sharks and crocodiles in local waters, who maybe willing to help you into the other realm in a more permanent manner than you were hoping. However I was lucky enough to be able to experience this doorway at a very early age and in a very safe environment. Later on I remember tales of sea creatures, the Mermaids, who would save the lives of children who were lost at or drowning in the sea. Much as dolphins are renowned for doing. The Selkies who would make excellent wives, but would forever long to go back to the sea. The sea sprites, Undines, Nix, and Ægir and his nine daughters. Whether I was playing with other realm beings in the sea as a child or not, I could not say. I don't remember seeing any of the images so prevalent in the story books, but maybe they don't really look like that, after all witches don't really have green skin either. I did however know that I was safe. In fact in my teens the sea was the one place I could go where I could hear myself. Where, as an empath, I could leave every issue that anyone else had given me, and clear my head. Yet it was not until later that I learned about the waters link with our emotions, it's ability to cleanse spiritually, its connection to the other realm, and the fact that water has been seen as the doorway in to that realm for centuries.

Water scrying is one of the oldest methods of divination. Simply because all it requires is water. It can be done any time during the day, or through the night. Some folk will find they get better results from a moonlit pond, others from the pattern in the waves, some from looking around their own reflection, in gently rippling water during the daylight hours, try them all and see which works best for you. It is no secret that many of us nowadays choose to use a black mirror for scrying. Yet it is worth remembering that when mirrors were first produced they were looked on as a way of fixing water in one place. Their reflective surface giving folk the ability to peer into the other realm, to literally reflect on their life and their current situation. Water scrying then could be viewed as the original method. Certainly as a traditional one. Why not try peering into a bowl of water, a pond if you have one, or even into the sea if you happen to be on the coast. See what you find from looking into the other realm.

While windows should be peered into, doorways may be stepped through. Although stepping through a looking glass is highly unlikely outside of a færytale Alice wasn't the only one to step through the doorway and walk the kings roads. The descriptions of the roads may differ in most, if not all accounts. Like wise, the identity of the king to whom they belong will vary from king of hearts, to Goblin king, to Raven king, and so on, with each tale told. Nevertheless the roads themselves are the same and lead to the same maze of places. According to most of the literary descriptions, these roads herald some form of  madness, or puzzle which must be solved in order to return from them. These puzzles will in themselves be quite maddening but the Fæ were never going to make it easy for us humans to walk their kings roads. In some tales it requires the aid of hallucinogenic substances to find them in the first place. There will often be a time limit on the wanderers puzzle too. This shouldn't worry you for time is different over there, and it seems by all accounts that each wanderer will solve their puzzle just in time. All the same you know what they say about the realm of the Fæ. “You may return from this place only to discover that years have passed in your absence.” So before you decided to go wondering though, Be Warned! Personally I have only ever found the peace, calm and serenity of the Lunar Goddess bestowed upon me while at the seas edge, and who better to connect with as she pulls the tide up the shore than the Lunar Goddess herself.

Written by Storm Black 2016.