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How a tarot reading works

Tarot cards display archetypes. They allow readers to decipher how a client will deal with a situation in their lives. They show the type of other people and influences that will have a bearing on a clients life. They show decisions that will have to be made. They can show a clients thought process, actions, emotions and background. They can show what we most desire, and what will be required of us to achieve it. The cards and the spread used can help the reader to explain many things to the client. Every tarot readers methods of reading and interpreting their cards is different. Some readers find they achieve a better reading by letting the client shuffle the deck, other readers achieve a clearer reading by using cards that only they touch. Whichever the reader is they will have found the best way to connect with and understand what the cards are trying to tell the client. Because of this, tarot reading itself is a two way thing. If a client comes in and says “what's the answer?” the reader will be unable to translate the cards into whatever is going on in the clients life. The answer could be anything, 42, sky blue pink with purple polka dots, a fuzzywhatwazhe, it has crocheted pompom accessories. While some psychics do read tarot cards they usually use their psychic gifts to help their clients. This is why their clients often get to shuffle the deck, because a psychic does not need to connect to the deck to give their guidance to their clients. Being an Intuitive reader doesn't stop a tarot reader from being able to offer guidance and advice. It does mean that the client has to be involved. Tell your reader what area of your life you want them to focus on and they will translate the cards for you. Ask for general guidance and they will read a spread that covers many areas of your life. Whether you have a burning question, are feeling lost or in need of some guidance, are curious to know what life has in store for you, are just interested to see what a tarot reading is like, or need guidance on anything else both Intuitive readers and psychic readers will be able to help you. It is your choice who you go to for the help you need. The benefits of coming to us are that we never work by the clock allowing us time to answer your questions. We are happy to guide you through your reading, ensuring that it makes sense to you, and your life today. We use a range of spreads, and will be able to select the best one to give you the answers you seek. We offer readings in person or by email to suit your needs.

Storm began reading for clients over 15 years ago.

Sarah began reading tarot cards 15 years ago.

Our charges are very competitive just $25.00 per session. We accept payment by Paypal, or by cash in person.

To book your reading simply contact us at thealdergrovecoven@gmail.com

We will ensure your email lands in the right place and your appointment will be arranged for a mutually convenient time and date.

Our clients are important to us and their confidentiality is assured.