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Want to know a secret?

You don’t have to be a Witch to cast a spell.

But how do you know how to cast spells to begin with, there is no “Abracadabra” No waving a Wand, no wrinkling your nose, and what if you don’t have two sisters to banish all those pesky daemons with?

You may actually be surprised how much of this began with the castings of the humble Witch. There is, when crafting your own spells a lot to consider.

What to cast for,

When to cast,

How to cast,

How to avoid accidentally cursing yourself, or anyone else,

Which everyday objects you can use in your crafting,

How to prepare for your casting, etc.

Our class is the perfect place to find out just how practical magic can be, learn the invaluable basics of successful spell crafting, and how to cast your own spells using one of the oldest yet easiest forms of magic as taught by a Traditional Witch with many years experience in spell crafting.

Please check our calendar of events here to find out when this class is running.

The Alder Grove in the Glen, 9921 New England Highway, Glen Innes, 2370, NSW.

We charge $20.00 for this class. Booking in advance is essential as places are limited.

All materials are provided.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact us for more information at thealdergrovecoven@gmail.com