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Folkmagic has been used by people like you for centuries, yet it is still shrouded in mystery and superstition.

What do you believe about spells?

Are they scary? Do they work? Do our words have power? Do we really need to be careful what we wish for? Does magic really exist? If so , how does it work? Can I use it to help others? Can I for my own advantage? Am I suddenly a witch if I cast a spell and it works? How will I know when my spell has worked? Can men cast spells too? Is it a bad idea to cast the spell I want to cast? Is there a price to casting spells? Do I have to conjure up a daemon, or sell my soul to make my spell work? Do spells work for atheists too? How do I cast the spell I want to cast? What do I need to put into my spell? Will putting more ingredients in make my spell more powerful? Do I have to know a ceremony or ritual to cast my spell? I want to achieve world peace, Why can't I cast a spell for that? What is the point of spells anyway?

For answers to all of these questions and any others that may occur to you, come along and spend a day with us discovering how to work your own magic.

This workshop costs just $90. all materials provided.

Please note, this workshop requires a minimum of two people to run.

Please see our diary of events for the next date of this workshop. Email us if you have any questions or to book your place.