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Season: Spring

Date of alignment: 23rd September 2022

Marking: The Vernal Equinox

Local Time: 11:03am

Dawn: 5:18-5:42am

Dusk: 5:49-6:13pm

Marking one of the equidistant points of our planet’s motion around the sun, this alignment would have been noticeable to even the most untrained eye. To our distant ancestors who relied heavily on farming, the ability to monitor and mark the significant moments in their annual wheel would have given deadlines to meet and a security of the success they could hope to achieve for the coming years harvest. Now the final frost has passed. Seeds and saplings will have a better chance of growing a firm tap root. Allowing for solid structure and abundant fruiting. Livestock may be allowed to roam further and enjoy longer out at pasture. Days are growing and, even without the modern concept of daylight savings time. There is more opportunity to get things done. Windows are thrown open and the winters dust and cobwebs can be blown away, allowing the freshness of the outdoors into our homes.

Please note: all times and dates are calculated to local time for Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.