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Season: Spring

Date of alignment: 7th November

Marking: the Sacred Union

Local Time: 7:30pm

Dawn: 4:26-4:57am

Dusk: 8:16-8:47pm

Commonly known as Beltane, from the Irish Bealtaine meaning May this is the moment we acknowledge the beginning of summer. Astrologically it is the precise moment when the Sun appears from Earth to reach the mid point of the zodiac sign of Taurus in the northern Hemisphere. Being a seasonal festival it would be difficult to acknowledge the beginning of summer in May on the southern side of the Equator so we celebrate Beltane in October when the Sun appears from our Earthly perspective to reach the mid point of the zodiac sign Scorpio. Scorpio being the 8th sign is strongly linked to death, rebirth and transformation. All things that we can witness around happening in the world around us at this time of year. Bright colours are returning to the foliage and there is the promise of fruits to follow. Livestock and wildlife is thriving in the fields again, eggs are hatching and birds are teaching their young to fly. This is a wonderful time of year to see life in full flourish.

Please note: all times and dates are calculated to local time for Glen Innes, NSW, Australia.