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Simply tarot is our own concept of easy to read tarot decks. Each deck encourages you to read the cards while developing your intuition.

The Witch’s deck (shown in the first 5 images above) has been created with illustrations from the coven Book of Shadows. Illustrations are on parchment.

The High Magick deck (as shown in the 2nd five images above) features symbolism synonymous with the practice of ceremonial magick. This deck is black and white.

Decks are printed to order.


Simply Tarot

Please be aware that we are a small business based in Australia. While we are happy to supply international orders, our shipping charges are domestic. Please contact us to request international shipping. Thank you.

Simply tarot is a collection of 78 card tarot decks. Each deck features 22 major arcana cards and 4 suits of 14 minor arcana cards.