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Lunar Information

This page shows the current moon phase for the southern hemisphere, and features information based on the Celtic lunar calendar, and various folklore traditions, to help with your casting.

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A year at the coven

Tarot Readings

This page gives more information about our tarot readings, and how readings work, as well as options to book a reading. Our readers usually operate from their local markets or from the shop. Emailed reading are also available.

Payments can be made by PayPal, EFTPOS, bank transfer, or cash.

Coven Services

Coven services include many things from spell casting, to guidance and advice, whether you are on the same path as us or not. If you are not sure whether any of the services we offer are for you, or you do not see what you need, please contact us for more information, help or guidance.

Other Articles

Here you will find a collection of interesting articles by Storm Black that have been written not only for this site but for a number of other publications as well.

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Events & Classes

Here you can look up all the information about our current events and classes.

Or find our calendar of events for times and dates of the events you want to attend.