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Learn how to cope with the stress of everyday life through the use of various relaxation techniques.

There are a few levels of relaxation to explore for use in various situations.

Relaxation techniques that you can use with little time and effort, anywhere. Techniques to help you cope better with:

Work situations

Home environments

Sleep disorders

Driving irritations

Noisy environments

Classes start with gentle warm up exercises to relax any tension in the body. Then progressing onto breathing exercises. These can be used to assist throughout the day in stressful situations. Next lying comfortably on the floor, you are taken into the relaxation, sometimes guided visualising, sometimes body awareness relaxation. There are many forms this can take. The hope is that you will become so relaxed you will loose sensation of your body. The final phase being to allow your mind to relax into nothingness, this is a little more difficult as we are all so busy but it is possible to achieve with practice.

All you need is a towel or yoga mat, comfortable clothing, a throw rug and possibly a cushion to support your neck.

Debbie is a yoga instructor with many years experience in both yoga and relaxation techniques.

Class sizes are 5 or more people, open to everyone and catering to all needs, $20 per person per class. Please contact us for concession rates.  Private lessons available.

Classes will be starting in September.