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Herb of the Month: Chamomile

Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis

Gender: masculine

Planet: Sun

Element: Water

Medicinal uses: Works very well on the solar plexus, use to treat colic, upset stomachs, fevers and menstrual cramps. Calms nerves and aids sleep. Externally used to treat sores, wounds, itches, rashes and swollen joints.

Culinary uses: Most often brewed as a tea or milk.

Magical properties: yellow chamomile brings power of the sun to love potions, money spells and rites of purification. Use in God incense. Sprinkle around the house to remove hexes, curses and spells. Use for; love, luck, fortune, justice, prosperity, purification, meditation, rest.

Crystal of the Month: Mercury

Source: Volcanic areas

Energy: Masculine

Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Deities: Odin

Folklore: a liquid metal once known as quick silver.
Spiritual Uses:
Emotional Uses:
Physical Uses:
Magical Properties:

Fortune and conclusion. Promotion progress and luck (good or bad) sudden change and new things. Money. The element of change. Changes may not be what we expect. This is the card of Fate. Let go of the past to progress. Changes in work, home, relationship or lifestyle are possible. A card of expansion. Do not take things for granted. Be optimistic. Your inner self will not lead you astray. Consult your wisdom. Pursue your inner journey of discovery. Desires in material and spiritual matters.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: The Wheel of Fortune

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