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Herb of the Month: Broom

Botanical Name: Cytisus scoparius

Common Names: Scotish Broom, Irish Broom, Physicians Powder

Gender: Masculine

Element: Air

Deity: Blodeuwedd

Folklore: A Druid Sacred Tree, it is a many-branched erect shrub with simple or trifoliate leaves, and golden sweet-pea like flowers. A flowering sprig of broom was a heraldic battle device of Henry II of England who is said to have taken the family name Plantagenet from this mediaeval “planta genista”

Magical properties: Purification, protection, wind spells, divination

Mineral of the Month: Bronze

Source: Smelting and trade

Energy: Neutral

Planet: Earth
Element: Earth
Deities: Freya, Jupiter, Thor, Venus

Folklore: Bronze is not found naturally. It is made by smelting copper and tin together. As such it has a balanced neutral energy strongly connected to the Earth and the human’s who created it.
Spiritual Uses:
Emotional Uses:
Physical Uses:
Magical Properties:

Wand cards are all to do with mental matters, learning and teaching, study and reading. Cards numbered six tell us of work, be it the work that will be required or the fact that things are working around us. The six of Wands is a card of good news and hope. Triumph. A settlement of problems is reached. Gains and victory. Reward for past efforts. You have more money than usual and feel happy with your lot. Legal matters are resolved favourably and progress is swift. Work may receive public acknowledgement. Promotions are suggested.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: Six of Wands

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