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Botanical Name: Pulmonaria officinalis.
Common Names: Bethlehem Sage, Jerusalem Cowslip, Herb of Mary, Oak Lungs, Lung Moss, Soldiers and Sailors, Spotted Dog.
Gender: Feminine.

Planet: Venus.
Element:  Air.
Folklore: Widely used medicinally throughout the medieval period, Lungwort was actually one of the herbs used in original, documented, attempts to cure the bubonic plague that swept through Europe. It was also later used as a herb that was supposed to offer protection against evil magic and evil spirits, and was sometimes used to identify witches.
Magical Properties: Evoking the Wind, Love – both Attraction and Break-up, Protection, Use in sympathetic magic to represent the lungs, Healing.

Medicinal Uses: Today, most herbalists recognize Lungwort as possessing qualities that make it useful for relieving pain, and reducing inflammation. It is also an expectorant, making it useful in treating bronchial problems. To this end it has, in the past, been used to create a soothing gargle. Lungwort is also said to be quite useful in stopping bleeding, and is often used to help heal after passing kidney stones.

Herb of the Month: Lungwort

Rune of the Month: Gort

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: G

English translation: Ivy

Meaning: Take time to soul search or you will make a wrong decision.

Departure and absence. Rivalry is possible. This card signifies travel and moves, possibly residence or job, either temporarily or permanently moving to unknown areas. You may need change for changes sake, without real motive or purpose. Possibly someone who is friendly, fearless, charming, and intelligent, yet rash and unreliable. Meetings with those who work with teachers or social workers.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: Knight of Swords