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Botanical Name: Levisticum officinale.

Gender: Masculine.

Planet: Sun.

Element: Fire.

Folklore: Considered a “Magic” companion plant; it is thought to improve the health of almost all plants.

Magical properties: Love, Purification, Friendship, Add root to a bath to become psychically cleansed. Add to a bath with seven red rose buds to attract the opposite sex. Carry as a love attractor.

Medicinal uses: Indigestion, poor appetite, wind, colic, bronchitis.

Culinary uses: A savoury flavouring for salads, soups, stews etc. imparting a celery flavour.

CAUTION: Should not be taken during pregnancy or if suffering kidney disease.

Herb of the Month: Lovage

Rune of the Month: Muin

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: M

English translation: Vine

Meaning: Inner development occuring but take time for relaxation.

Love and compassion. A person who is popular in company. A graceful hostess, clever in business. Drive and enthusiasm. Sometimes a little rash. Sympathetic and understanding in a feminine way. She is extremely practical and clever, but can seem severe. Showing emotions and genuinely caring. Her surroundings are harmonious She suggests the need to adopt similar qualities. A lady may put a good business venture your way. Anything to do with property or security is well favoured.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: Queen of Swords