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Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata.
Common Names: Asthma Weed, Indian Tobacco, Pukeweed and Vomitweed.
Gender: Feminine.

Planet: Saturn.
Element: Water.

Folklore: Said to symbolize malevolence and ill will within the Victorian era, Lobelia has since become a commonly cultivated ornamental plant, widely found in flower beds, large pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. Among Native Americans, it was used to treat respiratory and muscle disorders, as well as a purgative. These uses spread among American physicians of the 19th century, who primarily used it to induce vomiting.

Magical Properties: Love, Halting storms.
Medicinal Uses: Modern herbalists find Lobelia useful in treating food poisoining, using the herb to induce vomiting. It also saw brief uses in a smoking cessation program as a replacement for nicotine. It is also used as a physical relaxant and a nerve depressant, easing tension and sensations of panic. This combined with its antispasmodic and expectorant qualities, are what make it a common treatment for asthma among herbalists.

Herb of the Month: Lobelia

Rune of the Month: Quert

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: Q

English translation: Apple

Meaning: A choice must be made.

Authority and power. An active man, and leader of his country. Experience and control over self and emotions. Used to dealing in strategy. Analytical nature. A professional, possibly lawyer, soldier, or doctor. Seemingly unemotional and logical. Vulnerability beneath the hard exterior. Doesn't act on impulse, but possibly impatient, always thinks himself correct. The need to look to new ideas. Embark on a project. Can herald promotion or advancement. Help from someone in a high position.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: King of Swords