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Botanical Name: Aloysia triphylla.

Common names:

Gender: Feminine.

Planet: Venus.

Element: Air.

Deities: Diana.

Folklore: Hung around the neck to make one attractive.

Magical properties: Protection, Love.

Medicinal uses: Often drunk as a tea to recover from hangovers and as a general pick-me-up.

Culinary uses: Infuse as a herb tea, add finely chopped young leaves to drinks and fruit puddings.

Growing: Full sun, light well drained soil. Sow and take cuttings in spring. Not suitable for growing indoors.

Other: The essential oil may be used in treatment of cramps, indigestion, anxiety, insomnia, nervous tension, stress.

CAUTION: Essential oils can be sensitizing to the skin.

Herb of the Month: Lemon Verbena

Rune of the Month: Uath

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: H

English translation: Hawthorn

Meaning: Being held back for a period of time.

Disguise and stress. Responsibilities, tension and pressure seem overwhelming. Find something inspirational to help you through. Guard against being over ambitions. Don't let your aims become selfish. Consider giving up certain plans, for now at least. You may want to be involved in helping others.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: 10 of Wands

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