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Herb of the Month: Bisrtort

Botanical Name: Polygonum bistorta

Common Names: Adderwort, Dragonwort, Easter Giant, Oderwort,Osterick, Patience Dock, Red Legs, Snakeweed, Sweet Dock, Twice Writhen

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Folklore: In the north of England Bistort is an ingredient in herb pudding, under the name of “Easter Mangiant” the later word being a corruption of mangeant, meaning a plant to be eaten at Easter. “Easter Giant” and “Easter Ledges” are also variations of this name. In Lancashire and Cumberland the young leaves were eaten as a green vegetable under the name of “Patience Dock” or “Passions”

Medicinal Uses: Bistort root is one of the strongest astringent medicines in the vegetable kingdom. It is highly styptic and may be used to advantage for all bleedings whether external or internal and wherever astringency is required. Although its use has greatly been superseded by other astringents of foreign origin, it is of proved excellence in diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, and all bowel complaints, and in haemorrhages from the lungs and stomach. It is a most effectual remedy for bleeding from the nose and exceedingly useful in dealing with haemorrhoids. It is used – as a medicine, injection and gargle – in mucous discharges as well as for haemorrhages .

Magical properties: Clairvoyance, Fertility. Carry if you wish to conceive. Add to divination incense, especially with Frankincense.

General: Bistort is common in the north of England and in southern Scotland, growing in moist meadows though only of local occurrence; in Ireland it is very rare.

Caution: Although no specific mention has been made for this species, there have been reports that some members of this genus can cause photo-sensitivity in susceptible people.

Crystal of the Month: Bloodstone

Colours: Green-red

Element: Fire

Chakra: Root

Folklore: In ancient Babylon Bloodstone was carried to overcome enemies

Spiritual uses: Fending off undesirable influences

Emotional uses: Relieves feelings of isolation

Physical uses: Calming in cases of irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.

Magical properties: Healing, victory, courage, legal matters, wealth, strength, power, business, invisibility, agriculture, Yule.

coin cards tell us about stability, and grounding about home and work and the financial aspect of life. Ace cards are the cards of perfection in relation to the suit. Prosperity, perfection and riches. A good money card for gamblers or risk takers. Success is certain, riches will come. Spiritual as well as material riches. Someone may have a profound effect on your life. A spiritual or business mentor. A partnership with splendid possibilities. Except a promotion, pay rise or chance to move to a more prestigious job. An abundance of energy. Drive and determination to work for your goals.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: Ace of Coins

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