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Botanical Name: Angelica Archangelica

Common Names: Garden angelica, Angelica root

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire

Deities: Aphrodite, Diana, Venus
Folklore: Said to banish negative and attract positive energy.
Medicinal Properties: useful in treating heartburn, flatulence, anorexia, arthritis, runny nose, nervousness, plague and insomnia. Can be used to cleanse wounds and promote healing.
Magical Properties: General blessing and protection, curse breaking good defence for women.

Growing: Moist rich soil, partial shade, biennial herb growing first year, flowering second. Caution: The essential oil extracted from the root may cause photo-toxicity, which in turn could cause irritation should the skin be exposed to the sun. Abortificant. Also easily confused with water hemlock which is a deadly poison.

Herb of the Month: Angelica

Rune of the Month: Fern

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: V

English translation: Alder

Meaning: Help making choices, spiritual guidance, protection.

Creativity, imagination, skill, dexterity, deception. Choices to be made. Be flexible. Guidance is at hand. Look for your own powers and skills. Do not rely on others. Promote yourself, be determined. Be prepared for change. Look for opportunities. Use your talents in the future.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: Magician

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