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Botanical Name: Iris hexagona.
Common Names: Iris.
Gender: Cold, Feminine.
Planet: Venus.
Element: Fire.
Folklore: Jezebel root is perhaps most commonly known to Hoodoo and other pagan and occult tradition. Reportedly related to the Iris flower, it has on occasion been confused with Queen Elizabeth Root, which is also of the same family. In the oldest practices in which it is known, Jezebel Root is famed for its part in a curse, known commonly as The Curse of Jezebel, which is performed with an elaborate ritual and is used to cause distress in the life of one's enemy. It is also well known in older lore as a root of particular boon to prostitutes. For them it was held that the root possessed magical properties that would aid greatly in attracting wealthy customers.

Today, Jezebel root is primarily utilized in Hoodoo and other traditions, where still lays claim to its role in the famed Curse of Jezebel. Its other uses have expanded into people of other vocations however, particularly among those who rely upon tips from men to supplement their income, particularly among waitresses, hair dressers, and other such vocations.
Magical Properties: Cursing, Love, Lust, Money Drawing, Seduction, hex breaking.

Herb of the Month: Jezebel root

Rune of the Month: Beithe

Featured in: Ogham

English letter: B

English translation: Birch

Meaning: New beginnings, changes, purification.

Memory and longing. Thoughts of childhood, people from the past and nostalgic feelings. A longing to turn the clock back. You are stronger from experiences. The past is behind you. Move forward with new hope. Relationships become more stable. Endeavours start to progress. Creative talents reappear. Use the skills you have put aside. Fain yourself surrounded by friends and family. This is a card of pleasure.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: 6 of cups

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