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Botanical Name: Calluna vulgaris.

Gender: Cold, Feminine.

Planet: Venus.

Element: Water.

Deities: Isis.

Folklore: Bathe in heather water once a year, by the light of the full moon to become beautiful.

Medicinal uses: In particular a good urinary antiseptic and diuretic.

Culinary uses: Make tea from flowering stems. Mead may be brewed from flowers, and young shoots have been used to flavour beer.

Magical properties: Beauty, luck, networking, burn with fern to attract rain.

Growing: Well drained acidic soil, open sunny position, moderate shade.

CAUTION: Underside of leaves may contain a dusting of an ergot like fungus which is a hallucinogenic intoxicant.

Herb of the Month: Heather

Rune of the Month: Jera

Rune of the month: Jera

Featured in: Anglo-Saxon, Elder Futhark

English letter: J/Y

English translation: Harvest

Gender: Feminine

Meaning: The results of earlier efforts are realised. A time of peace and happiness, fruitful season. It can break through stagnancy. Hopes and expectations of peace and prosperity. The promise of success earned. Life cycle, cyclical pattern of the universe. Everything changes in its own time.

Struggle, strife and dominance. Realisation that you can't run away forever. You must face your problems, limitations and responsibilities. Partings may occur. You may be sad and sorrowful. New starts are also indicated. Watch for troublemakers, violence and arguments. Your reputation may become tarnished but you will win through in the end. Guard against taking on too much.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month: 5 of Swords

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