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Botanical Name: Viola tricolor.
Common Names: Violet Herb, Heart's Ease, Heart's Delight, Tickle-my-fancy, Johnny Jump Up, Wild Pansy.
Gender: Cold, Feminine.
Planet: Saturn.
Element: Water.
Folklore: Heartsease has a long history of use in herbalism. In many old Herbals the plant is called Herba Trinitatis, being dedicated by old writers to the Trinity, because it has in each flower three colours.
Medicinal Properties: It has been used as a treatment for epilepsy, asthma, skin diseases and eczema. It has expectorant properties, and so has been used in the treatment of chest complaints such as bronchitis and whooping cough. It is also a diuretic, leading to its use in treating rheumatism and cystitis.
Magical Properties: Love, Rain Magic, Love divination.

Herb of the Month: Heartease

Rune of the Month: Nauthiz

Featured in: Anglo-Saxon, Elder Futhark

English letter: N

English translation: Need

Gender: Neutral

Meaning: Delays, restriction, constraint. Resistance leading to strength, innovation, need-fire (self-reliance). Distress, confusion, conflict, and the power of will to overcome them. Endurance, survival, determination. A time to exercise patience. Recognition of one's fate. Major self-initiated change. Face your fears.

Hope, possibilities and happiness. A good time to start making long term plans. The card of new starts and new directions. Things turn out a lot better than expected. Learn from this that optimism sometimes pays dividends. Don't expect to see much progress while making plans. This is a time to think things through. You may feel uneasy at this time. Recharge your batteries and watch your stress levels. Personal and professional relationships may be unsatisfactory. You may feel left out, unloved or unwanted. Watch for resentment and avoid any confrontations. You may want to try a new relationship.

Image used is from the Medieval Scapini Tarot.

Card of the Month:  4 of Cups

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