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Latin name: Succinum

Deities: Apollo, Amberella, Electra, Freya, The Heliades, Jurate, Oshun

Folklore: Used by Roman gladiators for protection and courage.

Medicinal uses: Powerful chakra cleanser and healer. It absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive. Helps to improve short term memory. Has anti-microbial affects. Strengthens the spine and speeds cell regeneration. Relieves depression and anxiety. Promotes joy.

Magical properties: Powerful protector. Good for fertility spells. Attracts good luck and success. Increases psychic abilities. Burning amber as an incense will clear an area of negativity. Used in meditation and ritual it helps to rediscover the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and to remember our own past lives. It can help to bring balance into your life or put you back in touch with the earth. It is also useful in dissolving energy blockages drawing out negativity and bring a sense of peace and confidence. Use in ritual or meditation to improve the memory, balance the emotions, and inspire confidence.

Herb of the Month: Amber

Rune of the Month: Thurisaz

Featured in: Younger Futharc, Elder Futhark

English letter: Th

English translation: Thorn, A Giant

Gender: Masculine

Deity:  þorr,  þurinaz, Thunnor

Meaning: Reactive force, directed force of destruction and defence, conflict. Instinctual will, vital eroticism, regenerative catalyst. A tendency toward change. Catharsis, Purging, cleansing fire. Male sexuality, fertilisation. (Thor, the thunder god, was of giant stock.)

Balance and concord. Harmony but also a stalemate. Truce. Lack of movement. You may be refusing to see the obvious. Reluctant to make necessary changes. Change will happen eventually. Rifts may be resolved. You will earn respect from those around you. This is a card of affection.

Image used is from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month:  2 of Swords

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