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Herb of the Month: Bay Laurel

Botanical Name: Nobilis

Gender: Male

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Deities: Aesculapius, Apollo, Ceres, Cerridwen

Folklore: Protection against lightning

Culinary uses: Use to season

Magical properties: Burn the leaves to induce visions, wear as an amulet to ward off negativity, place under the pillow for prophetic dreams

Growing: Good general companion herb.

Crystal of the Month: Jet

Colour: Black

Source: Worldwide

Energy: Receptive

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth, Ether

Deity: Cybele

Spiritual uses: Used to open psychic experiences and assist in the quest for spiritual enlightenment

Emotional uses: Balances mood swings and alleviates depression

Physical uses:Treats migraine, epilepsy and colds

Folklore: During the Middle Ages jet was carved into images of beetles and worn for protection.

Magical properties: Protection, anti-nightmare, luck, divination, health

Competence and artistry. A kind hearted man. Responsible and wise. A professional person. Interest in art or the arts. A religious person, healer, counsellor, or teacher. A tolerant person generous with both time and emotions. Good with people of all ages. Possibly help from someone with these qualities. Aim for these qualities yourself. Listen to this man's advice, he is reliable and well meaning. Favourable outcomes will be achieved.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: King of Cups

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