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Herb of the Month: Dragon’s Blood

Botanical name: Dracaena draco

Common names: Female dragon

Deities: Mars, All warrior deities

Folklore: Medieval encyclopaedias list the source of dragons blood literally as the blood of a dragons who had been killed in battle.

Medicinal uses: Once used extensively in medicine as a cure-all for a variety of diseases and conditions, as well as to stop bleeding and promote healing, and treat menstrual irregularities.

Magical properties: Cleansing, exorcism, courage, protection, reunion, love, sexuality, healing, money, luck, increase personal power

Crystal of the Month: Sunstone

Colours: Sparkling orange-gold.
Source: Norway, Siberia, USA.

Energy: Masculine.

Planet: Sun.

Element: Fire.
Deities: Solar deities, Aurora, Cerridwen, Freya.

Folklore: It was first used by the Vikings as a navigation tool on their ships.
Spiritual Uses: Encourage independence and alleviates fearfulness. It is said to bring good fortune and abundance.
Emotional Uses: Can lift dark moods. Beneficial for Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Physical Uses: It can relieve problems associated with blockages, such as excess weight around the middle, digestive problems and stomach ulcers.
Magical Properties: Protection, health, energy, sexual energy.

Prudence and knowledge. A need to retreat within. Solitude or isolation. Things need thinking through. Study is likely to be successful. Wisdom and progress. Shrewd thinking can help spiritual growth. The inner search or spiritual quest. Be prudent, patient and cautious. Consider long term plans. Reassess before proceeding further. The passing of time.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: The Hermit

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