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Herb of the Month: Lemon

Botanical Name: Citrus limon
Planet: Moon
Element: Water

Folklore: Wear diluted lemon oil during the Full Moon to attune with its energies. Use in purification and healing oils. A Lemon may serve as a poppet.
Medicinal uses: Acne, Anaemia, Brittle Nails, Boils, Chilblains, Corns, Cuts, Greasy Skin, Herpes, Insect bites, Mouth Ulcers, Spots, Throat Infections, Warts, Arthritis, Cellulites, High Blood Pressure, Nosebleeds, Obesity, Poor Circulation, Varicose Veins, Rheumatism, Asthma, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Colds, Flu, Fever, Infections.

Main qualities: Refreshing, Mental Stimulant, Cephalic, Purifying, Reviving, Strengthening, Soothing.
Magical properties: Love, Purification, Uncrossing, Happiness

Crystal of the Month: Tiger’s Eye

Colours: Golden-brown.
Source: Brazil, Burma, Canada, China, India, Namibia, South Africa, USA.
Planet: Sun, Mercury.

Element: Fire.

Deities: Sekhmet.

Folklore: Many legends say it is beneficial for health and spiritual well being, a psychic protector, great for business and an aid to achieving clarity.
Spiritual Uses: Excellent for the spiritually advanced to use in meditation, causes the mind to have a feeling of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts, makes one aware of ones own needs in relation to the needs of others.
Emotional Uses: Balances emotions and brings clarity and focus to the mind.
Physical Uses: Relieves high blood pressure. Wear it in the presence of bronchial asthma, kidney disease, rheumatic heart disease, and psoriasis.
Magical Properties: Protection, courage, prosperity, luck, confidence.

Control. Possessions and greed. The card of King Midas, the money hoarder, lover of wealth and luxury, the miserly person. Money is not everything. Material security is needed but other things are of equal or greater importance. Extra money may be on the way. Think about savings or investments. Remember to be generous to those around you as well as yourself. Don't fear loss.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: Four of Coins

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