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Herb of the Month: Wormwood

Botanical Name: Artemisia absinthium
Common Names: Absinth, Old Woman, Green Ginger
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Folklore: It was believed that wormwood grew in the tracks of the snake expelled from Eden and was considered protection against snake bites. In Russia, wormwood was effective against the green-haired Rusalki, female water spirits who in spring would leave their watery bodies and walk in the woods. Once burned in all incenses designed to raise spirits, now used in clairvoyance and divinity incenses(especially in combination with mugwort) as well as in excorcism and protection blends. Throw onto fire at Samhain to gain protection from spirits roaming the night.
Magical Properties: Exorcism, Hex Breaking, Clairvoyance, Protection, Love, Passion
CAUTION: Do not ingest, may cause a reaction for people with sensitive skin.

Mineral of the Month: Pearl

Colours: White, ivory, cream, peach, grey.

Source: South sea, or fresh water. Cultured pearls are readily available but lacking in natural vibrations.

Energy: Receptive.

Planet: Venus.
Element: Water.
Deities: Venus.

Folklore: The ancient Greeks believed that if you carried a pearl into the underworld then you may be able to gain your freedom by gifting it to Persephone.
Spiritual Uses: Useful in communication work, contracts and legal matters. Pearls are also associated with purity, beauty, love and deep feelings.
Emotional Uses: Can be an aid to healing on an emotional level. Pearls reflect beauty and love.
Magical Properties: Love, healing, beauty, communication, emotions and spirituality.

Love and compassion. A person who is popular in company. A graceful hostess, clever in business. Drive and enthusiasm. Sometimes a little rash. Sympathetic and understanding in a feminine way. She is extremely practical and clever, but can seem severe. Showing emotions and genuinely caring. Her surroundings are harmonious She suggests the need to adopt similar qualities. A lady may put a good business venture your way. Anything to do with property or security is well favoured.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: Queen of Wands

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