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Herb of the Month: Burdock

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa.

Common Names: Fox's clote, Thorney burr, Begger's buttons, Cockle buttons, Lovers leaves, Philanthropiam, Personata, Happy Major, Clot-bur.

Gender: Cold, Feminine.

Planet: Venus.

Element: Water.

Folklore: Burdock is one of the top 54 medicinal plants in China and is one of its longevity herbs. In Russia Burdock juice was rubbed on bald heads to stimulate hair growth.

Medicinal uses: Detoxifying, can heal persistent fungal infections, purifies blood, cleanses skin, antibiotic.

Culinary uses: Blends well with dandelion into a tonic.

Magical properties: Aids happy memories, purifying, protection, healing.

Growing: Sow fresh seeds in moist, well drained soil, in autumn. Harvest roots of one year old plants in spring. Use fresh for extra potency.

CAUTION: avoid using burdock during pregnancy.

Crystal of the Month: Aquamarine

Colours: Green-blue.
Source: Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, USA.

Energy: Receptive.

Planet: Moon.

Element: Water.
Deities: Sea Goddesses.

Folklore: Old legend tells how it changes colour to reveal truth and lies.
Spiritual Uses: Foresight and Clairvoyance.
Emotional Uses: Encourages a happy relaxed disposition.
Physical Uses: Improves short sightedness and calms allergic reactions, particularly hay-fever.
Magical Properties: Psychic ability, peace, courage, purification.

This suit focuses on people who are born under air signs, our communication skills, and things we an learn. This card in particular tells of our capacity for change. Bravery. An intuitive, imaginative person. Very Aquarius in nature. Wanting to try new ways. Disliking traditional paths. This person may get bored easily and be forever changing direction. Intentions are good and honourable, hurt and distress and never meant by actions. No fear of the unknown. The knight is brave and heroic. The need for similar qualities is suggested. He can herald a need to change home, or a sudden need to change jobs. Tackle something previously untried. Changes may be sudden, be fearless and unemotional like the knight.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: Knight of Wands

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