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Herb of the Month: Jasmine

Name: Jasminum officionale.

Gender: Cold, Feminine.

Planet: Moon.

Element: Earth.

Deities: Aphrodite.

Folklore: Jasmine was commonly grown in Egyptian temple gardens.

Medicinal uses: Calming, aphrodisiac, drink 1 cup of jasmine tea daily.

Culinary uses: Drink as an infusion.

Magical properties: Used in love sachets and prosperity rituals of all kinds. Jasmine attracts spiritual love. Lunar spells and divination. Mix with lavender for an extremely powerful dream pillow.

Growing: Grow indoors to enjoy the fragrance or outside in direct sun.

Essential oils: Anger, depression, exhaustion, fatigue, insecurities, stress.

Crystal of the Month: Ametrine

Colours: Yellow and Purple.
Source: Bolivia (although readily available, natural stones are rare. Most of the time it is heat treated Amethyst).

Energy: Receptive and Projective.

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune, Sun and Moon.

Elements: Water and Fire.
Spiritual Uses: Connects contradictions, gives the wearer luck and success.
Emotional Uses: Encourages optimism and brings harmony.

Physical Uses: Strong metabolic cleanser.
Magical Properties: Protection, balance, luck, success.

Hidden dangers, reflection, rest and intuition. The unconscious. Becoming aware of hidden depths. Uncertainty in dealings with self and others. Changing moods that may fall in with lunar cycles. Warns of trickery, dishonesty and deception. Can herald changes for the good. Possible connections to show business ventures. A cross roads with choices offered.

Image from the Fenestra Tarot.

Card of the Month: The Moon

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