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Ogham name: Ngetal

Full moon:  19th November

Planetary ruler: Pluto

Deity: Pwyll

Druidic animal: Hound

The Druids believed that the reed was a tree because of its dense root system. Cut reeds were used as pens and in wind instruments and so symbolised wisdom and scholarship.

There is actually very little known about the energy of the reed, perhaps because it encourages us to keep secrets. It grows strongly from water and as such has long standing connections with the other realm and with the Fae. The Celts believed that water was the doorway to the underworld, that it's reflective surface would reveal glimpses of the other realm to anyone who knew how to look for them. The reed appeared to grow from the water, and so was always reflected. This lead to the plant being used to make tools such as pens and paper, and musical instruments. Tools connected with bard-ship and scholarly learning, as it was believed that these abilities were given to a chosen few as gifts by the Gods. Reeds were also used widely in basketry and according to Welsh legend the bard Taliesin was found as a baby floating in a reed basket. The reed moon reminds us to keep secret that which has been done to change the pattern of the web. To remain silent and just trust that things will work out in the pattern they have been woven.