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We are currently under the Ivy Moon

Ogham name: Gort

Full moon: 14th October

Planetary ruler: Persephone

Deities: Guinevere

Druidic animal: Butterfly

The power of Ivy to cling and bind made it a powerful symbol of determination and strength. Ivy can strangle trees and was a portent of death and spiritual growth.

Ivy grows in spirals reminding us constantly of the phrase “as above, so below” and the way that planetary alignments in the heavens are reflected in our lives. Ivy as a plant was often used in fertility rituals, It's structure and growth being similar to the DNA helix. In fact the botanical name for common Ivy is Hedera Helix. It was also often carried in the bridal bouquet to ensure a large family and the continuation of the blood line. It is said to bring fidelity and good luck, and to guard against negativity and disaster. Ivy is planted to grow up the side of houses bringing protection to the household but can easily over take and cause the structure of the building to crumble. Ivy can bring shelter, but can also entomb, thus reminding us that life and death will always go hand in hand. It also carries the warning to “be sure of the direction of your desires to avoid being enslaved by them.” Often used in herbal medicine Ivy is reported (unscientifically) to be useful in the treatment of cancer and tumour. It was also brewed into a potent wine which was used at Samhain rites of old.