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Ogham name: Lius

Full moon: 29th January

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Deity: Brighid

Druidic animal: Dragon

Folk Names: Delight of the Eye, Mountain Ash, Quickbane, Ran Tree, Roden-Quicken, Roden-Quicken-Royan, Roynetree, Sorb Apple, Thor's Helper,  Whitty, Wicken-Tree, Wiggin, Wiggy, Wiky, Wild Ash, Witchbane, Witchen, Witchwood

Rowans were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil and were thought to guard the gateway to the underworld. Female witches wear necklaces made of Rowan berries for protection during rites.

Rowan is the second Moon of the Celtic Year of thirteen Moons. It is the Moon of astral travel and vision, healing and empowerment. The Branch, carried in Druid rites and ceremonies to represent and honour the Goddess, is Rowan.

Its name is linked to the Norse word runa which means a charm. Its Celtic name is Luis, (pronounced: loosh) and it is the second letter in the Ogham alphabet.

Rowan, commonly known as the Mountain Ash is not an Ash tree at all but it known as such due to the two trees similar appearance and leaves. A Rowan Tree planted near your home will protect it from lightning. The Tree is said to bring luck and is still planted near new homes. It is also planted in graveyards to protect the cemetery from haunting. The wood is used to make walking sticks and boats to protect the walker or crew respectively from getting lost.

The berries were commonly used to flavour ale in an old Welsh recipe and were used as a coffee substitute. This fruit can also be fed to wild birds, to flavour liqueurs and cordials and can be made into jam.