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We are currently under the Ash Moon

Ogham name: Nion

Full moon: 20th February

Planetary ruler: Neptune

Deity: Gwydion

Druidic amimal: Adder

The Ash was a sacred chieftain tree, said to “court the flash” as it was prone to lightning strikes. It's wood was thought to be enchanted and was used for Druidic wands and spears.

Possibly most commonly known as the Norse Yggdrasil or World tree on which Odin hung for nine days to obtain the Futhark runes, the Ash tree is steeped in British folklore too. Believed to hold a range of protective and healing abilities, particularly relating to children, the healed child would then become very protective of their tree. Traditionally used as a Yule log Ash will burn for a long time with an intense heat. Its wood is strong and elastic and so has been used for joints in vessels, tools and weaponry. Ash has always been seen to have a mystical character. According to Celtic literature Gwyddion bears an Ash staff. Astrologically the Ash is linked to the energies of Pisces, and to the modern month of March when it will begin to bud. The Ash tree comes into full bloom in May time and is known as The Venus of the Woods. The fruit can be pickled and eaten with salad.

A well-known English folklore verse predicts how much rain there will be in spring from the dates when the Oak and Ash trees bud:

'Oak before Ash we are in for a splash
Ash before Oak we are in for a soak.'