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We are currently under the Willow Moon

Ogham name: Saille

Full moon: 19th April

Planetary ruler: Moon

Deity: Ceridwen

Druidic amimal: Hare

The Willow was sacred to the moon. In Druidic myth the universe was hatched from two crimson serpents eggs hidden among the boughs of the willow.

The Willow tree is known as the Queen of the Waters, and as such most folk associate the Ogham willow with the Weeping willow tree but it is the White willow that offers us its strength during the Willow moon. The Willow is the first to arrive and the last to leave, encompassing all but the winter season. It is connected with the activity of bees and is often used as a honey tree. Willow has been a friend to us for centuries. It's wood known as Osier has many uses including weaving, so it comes as no surprise that the words Wicker, Wicca, Wicce and Witchcraft are strongly linked to the Willow. It is associated with many deities from Brighid The fire Goddess who's feast day falls at Imbolc, to the Cailleach and the Morrigan, who are celebrated at Samhain and through the dark half of the year. Funerary flints shaped like willow leaves have been found in stone age graves. However one of the main uses for white willow even today is as a healing tool in the production of aspirin.