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Laughing yoga is a type of Yoga that involves voluntarily laughing for la prolonged period of time. It does not have to be for any humorous reason as long as you perform the action of laughing. All you need is yourself, comfortable clothing, a towel, and an open mind. Classes last for around 30 minutes.

Laughing Yoga is typically performed in groups. The class may begin with gentle stretching warm up exercises and perhaps clapping or chanting. Everybody in the class makes eye contact and communicates with each other to reduce inhibitions. Then breathing exercises are often used to prepare the respiratory system for prolonged laughing. These will usually involve acting out in a child like manner being an animal, or even clapping to music. The object is to make the class fun. Usually voluntary laughter leads to normal laughter or contagious laughter. 20 minutes is enough to feel the full benefits.

Laughing yoga is said to be good for anyone who wants to bring more joy and happiness into their lives. It is also claimed to help the body and mind feel more energized and healthy. Laughing is shown to reduce stress levels by raising your endorphins, which loosely explained are your happy hormones. The best result you can hope for in a laughing yoga class is to leave it feeling uplifted and peaceful.

Debbie is a yoga instructor with many years experience in both yoga and relaxation techniques.

Class sizes are 5 or more people, open to everyone, $20 per person per class. Please contact us for concession rates.

Classes will be starting in September.