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This is a box of 6 chocolates which are individually hand made.

Ingredients: Garlic. Cocoa mass. Sugar. Cocoa butter. Sunflower lecithin. Natural vanilla .

CAUTION: May contain soy, milk, peanuts and tree nuts

Nutritional values           Ave per truffle           Ave per 100g

Energy:                                  260 kJ                       2598 kJ

Protein:                                   0.8 g                          7.6 g

Fat - total:                               3.9 g                        39.1 g

     - saturated                        2.57 g                      25.7 g

Carbohydrate                         5.4 g                        54.1 g

     - sugars                            3.3 g                        32.8 g

Sodium                                   3.3 mg                      33 mg

Colour of packaging may vary

For more information visit www.gillensgarlic.com

The Gillen's famous Chocolates

Please be aware that we are a small business based in Australia. While we are happy to supply international orders, our shipping charges are domestic. Please contact us to request international shipping. Thank you.

With a creamy gnache centre these hard shell dark chocolates are a delight.  And at only 3.3g sugar each they are a healthy indulgence.