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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

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Wheeled cross wall clock  Celtic beastie letter T  Celtic beastie in blue  Two dogs in knotwork oval  Celtic lyrebird  Celtic seadogs  Celtic beastie b  South for the winter  Celtic beastie g in purple  Predict the return of the king  Celtic beastie 001  Chasing tails  Green and blue beastie T  Purple and blue beastie Q  Two celtic beasties letter M  Blue (Knotwork)  Blue green circle  Brown cross Brown diamonds  Celtic beastie a  Celtic beastie letter d  Diamond dogs  Blue and gold pentacle  Manuscript cross  Purple and green pentagram Purple octagon  Sacred circle  TCD MSS 1339 133  TCD MSS 1339 281  Three snakes  Two birds in knotwork oval  Two dogs in quarter circles