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© Storm Genevieve Black 2015. All Rights Reserved

Wholeness to me is the ability to avoid the insular view and instead see the bigger picture. The wisdom and knowledge that comes with letting go of the ego and understanding that the world revolves around the sun. That I personally am not the centre of the universe, and that the things that happen 'to' me, whether good or bad, are merely part of that bigger picture. That is not to say that the things which happen 'to' me are not sometimes a direct result of my own actions. Any-more than it is to say that my actions may directly result in something happening somewhere else, or indeed to someone else. What happened 'to' me in my youth may very well have formed the person I am today. If I had not lived through some of the things I have lived through would I be able to help others to understand the things which are happening to them in their lives as they take the first steps on their own path of the craft. The web of life is woven in a mysteriously beautiful pattern. We cannot know exactly what the future holds, for many of the threads in our own webs are woven only at the moment we make the decision to do this, or not to do that. Our fate is not preordained. As a card reader I am often asked “what will happen if...?” This is a common enough question, but the cards I read for you will offer only guidance, never destiny. Obviously if you ask “what will happen if...?” and the cards tell you, and then you go ahead and do it anyway, the chances are your destiny will unfold as the cards have told you it will. By the way runes, mirror scrying, and all other forms of divination work the same way. “your future is for you to live, not for me to tell” after all. So lets say you happened to ask “What if I decide to study this course at university?” for example. You may see yourself starting out as a complete beginner. Someone who has a lot to learn, and who’s life will be completely changed as a result of studying whichever course you have decided on. Is that a bad thing? Most of us only study the things we don't understand, our goal a wiser interpretation of the subject than we started out with. You might find that within 6 months of beginning your chosen course you have decided it was not for you, but changed your path to a different course that you didn't even know the university was running until you got there. Again, this is not a bad thing. You have still made the changes you needed to in your life, even if you didn't take the most direct route. You may find that the course you originally signed up for is exactly what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. Good for you. Or you may discover that you suddenly become very nostalgic and have an unbearable longing to go back to the life, the job, the home that you had before you left for university in the first place. Again this is not a bad thing. You have merely spent a few months working out what you definitely do not want to spend the rest of your life doing. Incidentally this premise applies to almost all of us through out our adult life, be it a university course, a career prospect, starting a family (planned or unplanned) moving house, state or even country. The question “What will happen if...?” is always one of the first to be asked. The answer is invariably the same in the context of wholeness as well. Whether you make this change to your life or not the Sun will still rise in the morning. All things that have yet to fall into place in your life will still take their time to do so. The order this happens may have changed, but they will one day still all fall into place. The web of your life will still continue to be woven in your own mysteriously beautiful pattern, your thread intertwining now with the threads of the people places and things that are currently a part of your life. For all people, places and things are comprised of these threads. That is the sacred interconnectedness of all things. The wholeness of life, of this planet that is our home, of this universe. As a practitioner of Witchcraft I shake the web on a regular basis. I know the secrets of how to cause a desired outcome to come into effect. To change the way my thread may interweave with another. I must still live out the path of my life as things fall into place, but I have a better understanding of how to cause them to fall into place. I also have the ability to read the threads of both myself, and others. I am not psychic. I do not channel your departed loved ones. I practice a religion that allows me to gain knowledge and wisdom, that allows me to understand cause and effect, that allows me the ability to help or hinder, for all spells are just spells, and this is how I achieve wholeness as a Witch, and as a human being.

Written by Storm Black 2016.