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1. What is a Witch?

Anyone who dedicates their life to following the path of Witchcraft is a Witch. A Witch is a wise one, a follower of the old ways.

2. What are male Witches called?

Male Witches are called Witches.

3. What do Witches believe?

Far more than can be explained in one paragraph. If you want to know more keep reading.

4. What are black and white witchcraft?

A common misconception. Witchcraft is energy work, and energy doesn’t come in black or white. It has no colour.

5. Do Witches have a Bible?

No. Witches have a diary. it is a personal record. Each of us writes our own.

6. Do Witches worship the Devil?

No. Satanist's worship the Devil. Witches do not believe in the Devil.

7. Are Witches Anti-Christian?

I can only speak from personal experience but I have never met a Witch who was anti-Christian. Witches tend to be open minded folk who understand the concept of free will.

8. What is Magic?

Magic is the ability to harness the elemental forces of the world we live in, to achieve a desired outcome.

9. What are Sabbats?

Our holy days, now more commonly known as Holidays

10. Why are the Sabbats not spelled phonetically

Because they are ancient Celtic festivals. Our common English language is a combination of French and Latin, which is why we have two words for everything. these languages were not spoken in Britain when the Sabbats were first celebrated.

11. Do Witches raise the dead?

No. Witches let their dead rest in peace, but we never ignore them either.

12. What is a Coven?

A Coven is a gathering of 2 to 13 initiated Witches, who work together to achieve a common aim.

13. Do Witches perform sacrifices?

Our coven does not perform blood sacrifices.

14. Do Witches stick pins in dolls?

sometimes to perform healing magic. It workd like accupuncture.

15. Are Witches drunken?

No, but we do know how to celebrate.

16. Do Witches have sexual orgies?

Undoubtedly this is a possibility since Witches understand the concept of free will, but it is not a requirement specific to the craft.

17. Do Witches cast spells?

Yes, that is what magic is.

18. How ancient are Witches spells?

While it is true that some spells are passed down, Witches know how to write their own spells so they are specific to the occasion, making them personal and giving them far more strength.

19. Do Witches make magic potions?

Yes, that is what spells are.

20. Do Witches make magic charms?

Yes, that is also what spells are.

21. Do Witches ride broomsticks?

To “Ride the Broomstick” is a euphemism, so yes, Witches will ride the broomstick just as anyone else, in a purely consensual setting.

22. How do Witches regard death?

As a change and a chance to move on.

23. Do Witches perform ceremonies in graveyards?

No, Witches let the dead rest in peace.

24. Do Witches perform exorcisms?

Only when they know how to, and when not to.

25. Why is midnight considered the Witching Hour?

Because it is the changing from one day to the next and often when Sabbat rites are performed.

26. Why do Witches work in circles?

Circles are protective and easy to visualise when you are working in a space set outside of time.

27. What is the Cone of Power?

A generally understood term for raising energy.

28. Do Witches use hypnosis?

No. Witches understand the concept of free will. We do however use meditation and relaxation techniques.

29. Do Witches have Familiars?

Yes, but familiars are not pets, familiars are the Witches equivalent of spirit animals.

30. What tools do Witches use?

There are a whole array of tools at a Witches disposal, the most important one of all is the Witches own finger.

31. Why do Witches have cauldrons?

For the same reason chefs have saucepans. They are a useful tool for making things in.

32. What is the Witches Knife?

A Witch has two knives. The Athame, a ritual dagger with a black handle, and the Boline, a working knife with a white handle.

33. What is a Scrying glass?

A black mirror.

34. Do Witches have a secret alphabet for magical use?

Yes, there are three or four that I know of, but they are easier to learn than Tolkine's Elfish Script if you really want to.

35. Why is the Pentagram important to Witches?

There is no historical evidence of the use of the pentagram in early Witchcraft. It is a symbol which has been adopted into the new age craft

36. How do Witches dress?

However they want to, but for rites and rituals we wear black robes and cords.

37. What is a Witches cord?

Traditional Witches use cords in magic, but they also have one particular cord that they wear like a belt around their robe for rites and rituals.

38. Are Witches Feminists?

Not specifically. Witches believe in and understand the need for balance in all things.

39. Does Witchcraft make you lots of money?

No. Witches don't predict winning lottery numbers either. However it is possible to cast spells for abundance, and there is nothing wrong with accepting payment of one sort or another for using your knowledge of the craft to help someone else. Although this should not be your ultimate goal.

40. How does one become a Witch?

One learns to practice the craft. If you are interested in learning to practice the craft let us know. We run a selection of informal courses and classes explaining all you need to know to get started.